Friday, January 27, 2012

The Classy Molassy Art Show! OPENING TONIGHT

It's that time of year again, another group of Harboursiders is coming to an end. The Classy Molassy Art Show is their final exhibition, here's the Facebook event page. Tonight is the opening night, beginning at 5:00 and ending at 8:00. Artists will be in attendance and there will be refreshments! It's located at 8 Clift Baird's Cove Road, off Water Street (next door to The Leyton Gallery), and will be running until February 5th.

Featuring Artists:
Orion Batten,  Noah Bender,  David Green,  Meghan Harnum,  Kelvin Hoskins,  Thomas Jordan, Christine Kirby,  Sylvia Newhook,  Mathew Parnell,  Brad Soper,  and Leslie Wagner

David Green is one of my very best friends, and I am so very proud of him for completing this program! I cannot wait to see all the work that he and his fellow colleagues have been working so hard on. A big congratulations to all of the participants!

"Harbourside" is a community youth arts program that runs through The Murphy Center. It offers youth to become a part of an arts collective and provides an opportunity to develop artistic and life skills during a 10 month period. I'm proud to say that I'm a part of that alumni, completing the program in May 2009. I had a wonderful experience while being in the was an incredible eye-opener to the arts and craft community here in St. John's. I was able to realize that I could live a very fulfilled life in the arts and it lead me to apply to CNA's Textiles Program, which I'm currently cluing up. I can honestly say that because of this experience I am where I am today. I completed the program with great confidence and improved skill, feeling that all my dreams were 100% possible. I will always look back on that experience as a major stepping stone, probably the most important stepping stone.

Here are some photos of my final exhibition, such an exciting day...

A painting and drawing of mine.
my booth!

 "The Starchild" one of my painting

some work By Blair Kennedy
 another one of my paintings

This is Lisa Dodge's miniature version of The Victory and BarNone. 

Lisa's Marilyn Doll!

a piece by Ryan Morrisey


I made this from swarovski crystals!

I was inspired by Bob Dylan's "Just Like a Woman". I used water colour, ink, acrylic and gold leafing. 

I made this during a paper making workshop with Anita Singh

 I'm not really this morbid. I drew this from real life and the session was over before I finished drawing his head, so I improvised!

A piece by Vanessa Wade

A print I made during a workshop at St. Michael's print shop!

 Me and Eugene!
 Lindsey, Eugene and I

Billy and I

Another piece by Vanessa Wade

 Dad, me and Mom

Please come out to support these hardworking artists, you have 10 days to do it! It will be well worth it, I promise! :)

Monday, January 23, 2012

Photography by Brian Ricks!

It's near the end of January and I haven't written a blog since way before Christmas! :( I'm sorry! I've had so much to say and so much to show, but very little time. Being the perfectionist that I am it's hard for me to write a blog without taking the time to do it the way that I envision it. Sometimes it takes hours to edit photos, and upload them on top of the writing, especially if I'm wanting to do a tutorial of sorts. So, many times if I can't post a "perfect" blog I'd rather not post one at all. That's something I shall have to remedy....

So! Rather than writing a recap of 2011 and a list of my new year's resolutions and plans (which I really want to do but just don't have the friggin time), I will show you the photos that Brian Ricks took of some of work! Working with Brian was an absolute pleasure! He's such a cheerful man and very dedicated to making sure his clients are happy with the shots, and I certainly am!

These photos were taken as promotional images for the Atlantic Craft Trade Show. Myself and five of my other classmates will be headed to the Halifax based trade show in the first week of February. I can't wait to tell you all about it!

I have a lot of stitching and dyeing to do between now and then, so I best get back at it!

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