Monday, May 2, 2011

Fresh Fish Fruition!

So it's the beginning of May and I'm kicking it off to a good start. Yesterday was the Fresh Fish Craft Market that I've spent all if my spring break preparing for. All of my hard work and sleepless nights were well worth it. I met so many great people, and saw so many beautiful crafts, gorgeous stuff! It was wonderful to see everyone in their element and being so positive. I personally loved working my booth and selling my products, I love the feeling of managing and being in control. My boyfriend always says that I'm the "Employee of the World" because I always seem to be in that retail mode, saying "hello" to every person I pass on the street, so it was really satisfying to be working all day. 

Sadly, I had to leave the fair a little early as I was feeling really sick with a killer headache and sore throat. I thought for sure I was coming down with some god-awful cold, but as it turns out I was just really sleep deprived (I was awake and working for 29 hours) because when I awoke after a long nights sleep I felt MUCH better. I crunched some numbers this morning and it turns out I did indeed make a profit, not a large one, but a profit all the same, so yayyyyy!

Here are a few pictures from the day...

Me at my booth :)

Billy at his booth selling his awesome wraps and cupcakes!

My Nan came by to see the doll that I made of her!
She is the sweetest.

Sets of four dinner napkins that I made. These three are still available! $15

My pin cushion rings! Made from recycled bottle caps. $9

Chantelle and Katelyn at their booth!

Katelyn made these precious handkerchiefs :) 

Chantelle is a new momma and somehow found the time to make these beautiful items!
She's a machine!

These crocheted hair pieces were made by Miss Heather Jenkins!

and here is Heather at her booth :)

me at the very end of the day!

So I'm registering for my third semester of the Textiles: Craft, Apparel and Design program today. I have an extension on a few of my school projects so I've got quite the busy week ahead of me. Thanks to everyone who came to visit me at the fair yesterday, I love you all and appreciate the support so much!

peace and love